Different Marketing Strategies of Fast Food Chains

Fast food is embraced by consumers because it tastes and looks good. It also fits well with the activities of daily life. Fast Food Chains are more global than ever due to an increase in the consumption of fast foods. It’s widely accepted that marketing strategies should aim at understanding consumers’ tastes and preferences. Marketing strategies of fast foods aren’t any different. They focus on a sound understanding of consumers’ preferences and perceptions for fast food outlets and how they might differ across countries/cultures Fast Food Chains use various strategies that ensure their foothold is intact in the ever diverse and modern culture.

There are basic marketing strategies that these chains employ to sell their product. They include:

  1. Volume and VisibilityConsumers should have an easy time looking for fast food restaurants. As a result, individual chains tend to open many restaurants in close proximity. It seems like over-saturation but it’s a key marketing strategy for Fast Food Chains. Continuous trails of fast food brand names/logos have also become part of everyday life in order to popularize a fast food company. Fast Food giant McDonald has done extensive branding with well-known entities such as the Olympics and FIFA to increase its global visibility. Easy access to fast food chains promotes their brand as well as underscoring ease and convenience which are hallmarks of the fast food industry.
  2. Value and affordability even though fast food chains often than not react to the needs and moods of consumers, they also emphasize on value and affordability of their product. These qualities have become an overall marketing strategy, especially in tight economies. For instance, Fast Food Chains use free samples and value menus with items for as low as $1 to entice cash-strapped customers. Additionally, side orders, discounts, are essential in promoting value and affordability to customers.
  3. Market Segmentation to identify various groupsMarket segmentation is a key marketing strategy that fast food restaurants employ to sell their product. It aims at identifying the key or rather common buying groups that tend to patronize fast food chains in a certain area. It is important for the chain to understand these groups in order to maximize profit. Factors perceived important by consumers are also part of market segmentation that Fast Food Chains focus on. Some buyers may consider friendly staff, variety, and speed as important factors in choosing their chain of choice while others may think of promotional deals and prices as the most important factors.
  4. Health Conscious StrategyMost people nowadays are more conscious than ever about their health. Fast food chains have time and again been criticized for offering processed food that has high-fat content. Consequently, they have been forced to incorporate foods that promote healthy living. Fast food Chains have started offering whole foods and low-calorie options in menus-it’s geared towards the satisfaction of customers that are health conscious.
  5. Social Responsibility StrategyFast Food Chains have started adopting green advertising campaigns (through packaging) to present themselves as entities that share the general public’s concern regarding environment and health. This strategy is aimed at buyers who try as much as possible to purchase foods that reflect their values of environment protection. With this marketing strategy, they can purchase fast foods without compromising what they believe in.

Best Fast Food Onion Rings

The big 4 outlets are:

Burger King, Sonic, Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr and Jack in the box.

Others are: Arby’s , A & W Restaurant, Astro Burger, and Fat Burger.

Best Marketing Strategy for the Best Powermatic Table Saws

Powermatic Table Saws are popular products from one of the US’ most prestigious brands which grew from a family business to the industry leader that it is today. The best marketing strategy for the best Powermatic table saws would involve a multi-faceted approach.

Approaching review websites which help to narrow down choices for consumers, who are often in a hurry to buy and do not have the time to look at every model in detail, is always a good idea. Targeting websites which rank models are always going to be a wise way to reach consumers efficiently. For example, the website Best Cabinet Table Saws cuts down on the research time for customers by acknowledging that there are 21 different models of Powermatic table saws to choose from but they have picked out their top choice and then ranked 6 other models based on cost. Then, they have chosen another model to feature, which comes out on top in terms of customer reviews. Therefore, this website has considered the different criteria customers have when purchasing a saw and according to these, have created a variety of categories for efficient browsing.

Another good marketing strategy would be to continue to use social media which is a powerful tool for connecting with existing followers and a wider audience. Facebook adverts can raise the brand’s profile and target the demographic which is most likely to purchase a Powermatic table saw. Tweeting details about the latest models would also be an effective way to let followers know about any new releases, copying in affiliated dealers.

Keeping with the theme of a family business which has experienced explosive growth is always a winning strategy as people love to hear about a company’s background. Approaching woodwork and construction companies and offering them an affiliate link to Powermatic on their website would be a good way to increase business.

We are now in the era of YouTube, blogging and social media ‘influencers’ and so reaching out to bloggers and vloggers who have a large following and who review table saws and other tools is a worthwhile endeavor. Getting the Powermatic table saws into as many online and offline catalogs and relevant magazines would also be a good business strategy in terms of increasing exposure. Representatives from Powermatic could attend any appropriate woodwork or craft shows and demonstrate a variety of saws.

Asking other companies to feature the latest models of Powermatic table saws in email newsletters in addition to Powermatic’s own email updates is another effective marketing strategy. Keeping the brand strong on Instagram for Powermatic’s followers is key, with lots of visuals of the different models to entice consumers to purchase a table saw.

Offering discounts during the year when other competitors are doing the same is a good way to entice people to purchase a Powermatic table saw or offering the occasional prize draw to mark an important milestone for the company. This also helps to grow the company’s email list. Focusing on asking customers for reviews and publishing those reviews on the websites belonging to local, online and international dealers is also key.

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