Designs and Services

Services include full scale “soup-to-nuts” public relations, high-impact copywriting and expert marketing programs that generate brand awareness, maximize customer acquisition and retention and minimize churn. We also offer extraordinarily creative, compelling, memorable and functional brand identifiers including business, product and program names, tag lines, slogans, domains and book titles. Our gifted, highly seasoned word weavers develop precision prose that best promotes a brand, and is likely to “stick” in the minds of prospective clients and customers.

All Kern Communications’ PR, copy and other MarComm deliverables are “made to order,” to ensure a solution that is perfectly suited for the industry in which you operate and that meets your specified goals, objectives and expectations.  Through an initial research and discovery period, Kern Communications will identify your, or your client’s, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and will specify and craft innovative marketing programs to help the venture achieve, maintain, or increase profitability.